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Christmas 2023


golden sponge cake infused with zesty orange brandy, complemented by a velvety French vanilla buttercream filling, and crowned with rich fudge frosting

A German tradition of decadent yeast dough, brimming with glazed fruits, crunchy pecans, plump raisins, generously brushed with velvety butter, and delicately dusted with a layer of fine powdered sugar.

Crafted with premium golden raisins, zested lemon and orange peel, sliced almonds, and a marvelous marzipan core that runs blissfully through its center. Expertly brushed twice with luscious, melted butter, dusted granulated sugar. It is elegantly wrapped, making it the perfect treat to delight your loved ones during the jubilant holiday season.

Delight in the aroma and flavors of a tasty Scandinavian Christmas bread. This rich yeast dough is elevated with a wonderful blend of glazed fruit, succulent golden raisins, and a touch of freshly ground cardamom, resulting in a festive and irresistible treat.

Indulge in the exceptional flavors of a truly remarkable fruit cake. This scrumptious creation includes butter, brandy, pecans, cherries, pineapple, and golden raisins. a must-try experience that will pleasantly surprise you! This cake is bound to become a holiday favorite for all who try it.

Christmas Pastries

This whimsical cupcake tower features a creative spin by incorporating a sugar cone cap, a mini cupcake, and a jumbo cupcake to create an adorable St. Nick Gnome. Decorated with cheerful holiday-colored buttercream, this tower will be the showstopper of any celebration.

A magical creation of yellow cake with a buttercream topping that is dipped in luscious white chocolate. Complete the enchantment by adding a charming hat and a buttercream carrot nose.

Dazzle your guests with these mouthwatering individual pastries with yellow cake that is filled with luscious strawberry preserve and coated with velvety white chocolate. We beautifully decorate each pastry with joyful decorations perfect for your holiday party.

These adorable mini cupcakes that will light up your holiday festivities. Dive into the choice of classic yellow or rich chocolate cake, dipped in a vibrant red-colored chocolate, trimmed with white nonpareils and decked with a charming Santa's belt.

Relish in a decadent chocolate cake pop, but with a twist. Shaped like a Christmas tree and dipped in dazzling green chocolate, sprinkled with delightful nonpareils, and topped with a shimmering gold star.

Cheery Christmas stocking formed from 24 mini cupcakes, each iced with fluffy buttercream frosting, and decorated with an assortment of delightful holiday cookies and goodies

Christmas Cookies

This delightful treat is a beloved holiday cookie originating from Germany. Traditionally enjoyed on December 6th.Savor the exquisite blend of flavors with these honey and spice cookies, dipped in silky white chocolate. To honor the tradition of St. Nick, each cookie is decked with a picture of this beloved holiday figure.

These charming gingerbread cookies bring holiday delight with their soft, fragrant dough. Shaped into adorable boys or girls and decorated with cheerful colored chocolate, bringing an extra touch of whimsy to your holiday festivities. As you bite into these delicious cookies, savor the melding of spiciness and sweetness of Christmas.

Designed to satisfy your sweet tooth and ignite your holiday spirit! These mouthwatering sugar cookies are shaped like Christmas light bulbs, and are iced with an array of vibrant colored chocolate. To add an extra touch of glamour, our cookies are delicately brushed with edible shimmering glitter. Let our Christmas Light Bulb Sugar Cookies illuminate […]

Enjoy our delicious sugar cookie dipped in rich red colored chocolate, gilded with a charming black Santa belt design and. Indulge in the buttery texture of our cookie and the velvety sweetness of the chocolate

Introducing our Snowman Delight Sugar Cookie! Delight in the whimsical charm of our sweet sugar cookie, shaped into a delightful snowman. Each cookie is dipped in luscious white chocolate and beautifully decorated with a festive scarf adding a touch of vibrant cheer to this winter wonderland treat. And to complete the lovable snowman’s look, a […]

These delicate snowflake-shaped sugar cookies are iced in luscious light blue chocolate, embellished with a handcrafted white snowflake design and sprinkled edible glitter. With their flawlessly baked texture and velvety smooth chocolate coating, these cookies are a work of art. Enjoy them as a treat or gift and experience the enchantment of winter with every […]

A German Spice Cookie - a delightful treat featuring a blend of ginger, allspice, anise, and cinnamon, and rolled in a generously with powdered sugar for a snowy touch. Experience the cozy flavors of the holiday season with every bite. These cookies are a true delicacy, perfect for enjoying alone or sharing with loved ones, […]

Indulge in our gourmet delight, a decadent masterpiece blending top-quality butter, honey, sugar, and blanched almonds. meticulously enrobed in indulgent dark chocolate. This confection offers a symphony of flavors with a perfect balance of sweetness, crunch, and elegance. Experience unparalleled pleasure and bliss in every bite, transcending to a world of pure delight. Sold by […]

Savor our irresistible, handcrafted bite-sized cookies, merrily embellished with festive colors and sprinkles, and let the flavors of the season dance on your taste buds. Sold by the pound.

Whether you're seeking a heartfelt token of appreciation or a delightful addition to any holiday gathering, our trays of assorted butter cookies and Florentines, meticulously arranged for a perfect gift, will surely touch the hearts of your loved ones

Our sugar cookies topped with colorful sugar. Shaped as an star, tree, or elf shoe

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