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Florentines - test

Our signature item for over 50 years!

Originally from Vienna, a baked confection made from honey, butter, sugar, and sliced almonds. They are topped with a piece of candied cherry and coated underneath with chocolate. The Florentine recipe was gifted to owner Don Vetter back in the early 70’s from a long-time baker friend. Over time, Tag’s Florentines have grown in popularity, primarily by word of mouth. They speak for themselves which makes them a unique gift or dessert to have at any gathering or event. Florentines are sold by the pound. We also offer them in a small gift package as well as a silver or gold gift box. They can be shipped via FedEx and they are found in some local Jewel grocery stores. They will definitely be the talk of the party.

Florentine Shipping

We are currently not shipping until the weather gets cooler.

Florentines are shipped in our gold gift box. Each box contains 36 of our delectable Florentines.

Please allow 1 – 2 business days to process orders.

We ship our famous Florentines Monday – Friday

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Florentine Gift Box


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